i ordered a book from red envelope.com which was to come by december 30- it never came-they kept on writing me telling me this and that-then it was to come january7of course it did not come-they did nothing to try to find out what happened-they were nasty even when my husband called-it was for my son's birthday and nothing was done about it at all-i have never been through anything like this in my life-they had no intention of ever sending it as every time i called or e-mailed nothing was done-i have never dealt with such an untrusting company-never again!!!

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Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia #439608

We're sorry that you had a bad experience with our service; that isn't typical. Unfortuantely, from time to time our suppliers are unable to keep up with the demand that they have claimed that they could.

We never knowingly sell items on our website that we won't be able to deliver. All of our delivery dates are guaranteed and we stand behind those dates and will make it right for you in the extremely rare cases that an order will not make it on time. Without an order number I cannot look at the details of your specific problem, but being that you decribe the missing item as a book, I'm fairly sure I know which product you had ordered. Be assured that because we're so focused on satisfying our customers, suppliers who fail to fulfil their obligations to us and our customers are carefully analyzed to see if we will continue to carry their products in the future.

However, if you received poor customer service from one of our agents on the phone, that is not acceptable and not how they are trained to handle customer concerns.

If this was never resolved to your satisfaction, please give me a call at 866-526-9426. -Steve


The comp[any was Red Envelope.Com that i werote about-it only said Red and i think that consumers should know what i had gone through that made me so sad and never received the gift for my son as promised

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