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I ordered flowers for a client a few months ago and apparently to get free shipping I signed up for a monthly membership at at $12.97 PER MONTH!This is outrageous.

I will never shop at Red envelope again and I will make sure that none of my friends and family do either, this is a brilliant marketing scheme on their part. I complained and they told me to have a nice day and hung up on me. Basically told me it was my fault.

Unbelievable.There is also no way that they can credit me the 12.97 per month, because it was on me to cancel, I didn't even know I signed up for this.

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My case..I even cancel the membership..

But for some reason it wasn't processed.. I get to pay that 12.97shit too.. I disputed on my credit card..

hopefully it works...I hate and the customer service is a ***..


I am sorry proredpc, but it is NOT clear at all maybe you actually have the fine print written some where, but it was NOT apparent to me.I never sign up for these kind of things because I know I will forget to cancel!

And I don't shop online often, so I would not have elected to do this.Also, it was for a client, so I was expensing the cost, so I wasn't looking to be uber cheap.


10 months of 12.97 a month. If you don't go through your bank statement with a fine tooth comb and if you do a lot of shopping online, it is easy to miss. Stay away from Red Envelope, Pro Flowers, and Sharri's Berries.


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We're sorry that you were disappointed with the membership. It's an opt-in program that can be used in conjunction with our site and others. It isn't beneficial to all customers, if they don't do a large amount of online shopping, which is why it involves a secondary registration outside of our own order process and we ensure the terms and conditions are made clear and readily available to anyone interested in taking advantage of it. However, we do cover agreements with out satisfaction guarantee and I can assist in ensuring that you get properly unsubscribed. If you still haven't gotten this resolved, I will look into it for you and forward it to the correct department. My number is 888-855-3486 or you can email me at

-Steve K

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