I am SEVERELY DISAPPOINTED in Red Envelope. I ordered 4 items as Christmas presents from their recent catalog on December 1, 2014. My order went through. I was not hearing anything from them. On December 15th, I got an email stating 1 item was not available; I would be getting a refund. COME ON! Two weeks for this email!

I received 2 items, but no mention of my final item!

LET"S MAKE IT EVEN WORSE! On DECEMBER 18th (one week before Christmas), I again received an email. I would not receive my 4th item due to excessive demand!. 17 days after placing the order.

This is pathetic! How can a company operate that only gets it right 50% of the time? In what other business would this be allowed to happen?

I WILL NOT be a returning customer to Red Envelope.

Red Envelope= NEVER AGAIN!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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