1. The necklace was not attractive and the person for whom I purchased this compared it to wearing a massive mirror on her neck. The way it was package seems thoughtless, and the "special message" I was prompted to choose if I wished upon ordering was nothing more than a haphazard ink-jet sticker with the lettering misaligned so that when I peeled off this sticker, part of the text was still on the backing.

2. When I purchased this, I looked up the return policy which seemed to be "no hassle". The packaging included a return sticker. When I called to ask how to package the return, the CSR stated "however [you] want because [I] was paying for it and responsible if they didn't receive it promptly." Customer service couldn't have cared less.

3. When you complete your online order, a whole bunch of different offers pop up....free shipping, which sounded great until it became evident you had to enroll in something, and the Red Envelope Rewards program. The rewards program sounded like a typical program many companies offer to help keep customers - sign up and get a chance to receive special discounts and offers. I signed up as a customer who's gotten wonderful offers from companies I purchase from (Coach, cosmetics companies) solely for being a customer.

RED ENVELOPE VALUES ITS CUSTOMERS enough to charge a whopping $14.95 EACH MONTH for the privilege of receiving discounts. I learned about this charge today, as I went through my credit card statement to discover they'd charged me a total of $44.85 since January! I had no idea, and all those wonderful offers that went to my junk email folder are useless for anyone who doesn't purchase from this horrible company weekly. You would have to purchase a lot of merchandise to start making back your $14.95.

When I called the program today to get my refund, the CSR initially refused, saying I had access to wonderful discounts for the last 3 months. Are you kidding me?! After a very terse conversation, she agreed to reverse all charges over the course of the next 1-2 billing cycles, and after pointing out that I've paid interest on the charges and would like a quicker resolution (as in a check mailed I can put against my account immediately), she said that this is the best she could do. Thanks again, Red Envelope, for making all of this cost more of my time and money than what it was worth.

Overall, I am so furious with Red Envelope for their deception - from the purported "ease" of returns to the crappy "rewards program" to the apathetic customer service. I WILL NEVER purchase from them again, ensure that everyone I know is aware of my experience, and should Red Envelope remove this review from the website, I will post this on multiple forums for consumer advocacy so that others are forewarned before ever making a purchase from them.

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