I purchased a gift from Red Envelope. Soon thereafter there was a mysterious $1.95 charge on my credit card, followed by monthly charges of $14.95 to the same cryptic entity - "RED E RWD".

When I called the phone number associated with it, I found out that this was a concierge service called "Red Envelope Rewards". They explained that when you make a purchase on Red Envelope, they ask you if you want to try their rewards program for free. And if you don't cancel, they just start charging you.

I don't ever try these things, and I don't remember specifically enrolling. Either way it's a dubious business practice and makes me never again want to do business with Red Envelope.

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Had the same 14.95$ charge on my credit card too. Unfortunately I only found this after 4 years and lost more than 900$


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Red Envelope is definitely used to dealing with this by now. Call 877-733-3683 - option 2.

They gave me a FULL refund (26 months) with no hassles. They were kind and apologetic and have severed ties with the partner company offering this service.

They no longer offer the reward at all.

I'm pretty pleased and I have renewed faith in Red Envelope.


I'll never shop at Red Envelope again.

They won't even let me stop the ongoing charges, let alone get a refund, because the account is in my wife's name.


same thing here...21 cycles at $14.95 per month...

To their credit though, they processed the refund right away with little fuss. First they suggested 2 months then I said no way and they quickly refunded it all...

As much as this is annoying, they did claim to process the refund right away, so gotta give them credit for that...


Just received a call from Citi Fraud dept..and I too have had that charge for over 2.5 years! Good news is they are refunding me thanks 100% to the above posts.

Armed with this information I was able to effectively argue my points.

My total refund: $479! Thanks all!


red envelope customer support now has a pretty streamlined refund process, so definitely call them first: 877-733-3683. they were friendly and understanding, and coordinated a full refund for me with no hassle.

i had over 2 years of charges and it should all be coming back to me.

the call took about 5 minutes, and i have a direct line to an agent now if for any reason the full refund doesn't come through in the timeframe they gave me. glad they are making an effort to do right by people on this, as i most definitely never authorized joining the rewards program.


I called 1-888-739-6272 and told them that I realized I had been getting charged $14.95 a month for the past 21 months. The first man I spoke with told me he would cancel the membership and then refund me $14.95.

I explained that I wanted the entire amount of $313.95 returned to me and he offered me $89. I explained again that I wanted the entire amount and slowly the amount increased that he was willing to offer me. I was transfered to consumer affairs and told I could only receive 12 months refund at $179.40. Not acceptable ...

I explained. she put me on hold and came back with an offer of the entire amount $313.95. I was told the $179.40 would be credited back to my account and the rest would be mailed back to me in the form of a check. I am waiting now for my check but optimistic that it will show up.

Don't let them tell you "NO". You can get all of your money back.

to profiled Dawsonville, Georgia, United States #641220

I was just wondering if you ever received all of your money? I just had a similar issue with them and I am worried that I will not get a check.


Red Envelope is a terrible organization. They have scammed me out of $450 from the rewards program and they also they sent me a defective piece of merchandise and refused to let me return it to them or let me get a refund.

Please take my advice and never buy from Red Envelope ever again. They are all scam artists and treat their customers like dirt!!!!


Same thing -- I didn't notice (or thought it was a charge for something else) for almost 1 year. I called and they offered me 6 months back right away.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and they offered me 8 months. Finally spoke to someone in Consumer Affairs --thanks to the other posts for this info - and they offered me 12 months back. Everyone was friendly but I really had to insist on getting a full refund for it to finally happen.

I will never buy anything from Red Envelope again. In fact, I returned the one and only item I ever bought from them and this is how I was charged.


wow i HATE red envelope now. I remember getting a *** email about membership and i thought it was only a trial. thankfully my citicard called me with a fraud detection regarding this reoccurring payment. charged for 5 months-->full refund after talking to their customer specialist. lessons i have learned:

1. don't trust red envelope

2. i will READ every detail of my credit card bill from now on

3. i am indian and feel sad for the call center indians who have to get yelled at for this when they don't set the policies.

4. fraud detection at citcard helped me.


I did not have as easy of a time getting them to refund me...Just hung up with them... They started by explaining to me how I "signed up" for this program. After explaining to them that I did NOT sign up and would like a refund (they owed my 134.55), the guys on the other line told me I would recieve a refund of 89 dollars as a "courtesy refund". I responded that I wanted a full refund, so he said he needed to transfer me.

The next lady then had to explain ALL OVER AGAIN how I "signed up". She then told me the same *** about the 89 dollar "courtesy refund". I told her it was unexceptable and she responded with "let me see what else I can do". She came back on the line 2 seconds later with 119 dollars. I said no again and told her I wanted the full refund for the scam that has taken place. She told me she had to check with a supervisor. 2 seconds later (obviously there was no time to check with a supervisor) she told me I would recieve the full refund.

IF you fight it enough you will be refunded.

It was worth the 20minutes I was stuck on the phone for.


Just discovered the same issue as others. Charges dating back 9 months for a program we didn't sign up for and never received a single email or other notice about. Called, complained, offered a partial refund, demanded full, got passed on to "consumer affairs," demanded full refund again, eventually she conceded.


I just noticed this $14.95 charge on my account. I never use this card but did to buy my husband’s anniversary present, it was a surprise.

12 months later this present has cost me $179.40 for a membership I never even knew I had. I called 888.739.6272 and was offered 1 month, then 2 months refund. I spoke to Consumer Affairs Department and was offered 6 months total. Just as was mentioned in the above postings.

However we were both sticking to our guns and I ended up getting $119.60 out of the $179.40 that I feel is owed to me.

I am not happy about it, but better then nothing. I loved Red Envelope but will never shop there again.


Same thing - ashamed to admit how many months. First person offered me 2 months refund.

I insisted on full. Then was offered 6 months, I insisted.

Passed on to Consumer Affairs Dept and was offered 12 months.

Everyone needs to report this to the Better Business Bureau and Dept of Consumer Affiars!


It was 8 months before I noticed this on my credit card! The process of removing this charge isn't as simple as calling their customer service.

You have to call a seperate company (888-739-6272), know your Rewards Number, and then speak to someone from India. The process is very frustrating. Also, they only wanted to credit me for one month. BE SURE TO MAKE THEM CREDIT YOU FOR ALL CHARGES!

You have to go through their consumer affairs department, and even then I had to verify 3 times that they were crediting me the full amount before they actually did. I WILL NOT BUY FROM RED ENVELOPE AGAIN.


I am terrible about checking my statements which is part of the reason why I NEVER sign up for anything "special." I have loved buying from Red Envelope over the years, but never again.

My charges are from a robe I bought in December of 2008! I have been charged since August of 2009! Embarrassing. But also so terrible to have such cryptic names listed on credit card charges!

I do have to say that they credited me back all the way with no issue whatsoever (but we'll see how long it takes to see the money)...you would think they would end the program before someone sues!


The same thing happened to me and my wife. We just noticed it.

It has been happening since November.

We're going to have our credit card company dispute this with them. They are usually very good at doing that.


Same thing just happened to me. Very easy to have the charges credit back to my account, which tells me that this isn't the first time it has happened.

The rep told me that Red Env Rewards 800 number is a seperate company from Red Env.

She was unable to give the me the screenshot or details of the statement to which I supposedly agreed. Shame on the Rewards company for having a product like this and shame on Red Env for partnering wtih them.

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