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I recently noticed a charge of $14.95 being charged to my account on a monthly basis by a company called Red E Rwd. I have no idea who this is.

I did a quick search and found scam and theft complaints by Red Wing Envelope. I have never used their services. It turns out they are related to one of the big online flower companies. This flower company must have sold my info to them.

I have no idea, but over a hundred dollars has been removed from my account without any services being rendered. There is only one way to reach them and that is by a telephone number listed on their website. I did not authorize the removal of 15 clams from my account on a monthly basis by a company I have never heard of. Judging by the complaints, I feel strongly there will be/is a class action suit in the process.

Don't be like me.

Check your bank statements once a week, once per month at the least.

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Whitefish, Montana, United States #1229226

I have been scammed by this company for more than seven years. I did not carefully review my monthly credit card charges until I stopped using this credit card.

I called RED E RWD to investigate and cancel and got a recording. I called the credit card company and they were able to get a representative from RED E RWD on the phone. The representative , with a strong Indian accent said the monthly charge was to receive discounts for shopping and restaurants. I have never heard of this company and did not sign up for anything.

Plus there was no vehicle to receive any discounts.

This scam cost me over $1260 ! They cancelled the " program" and gave me a cancellation number.

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